Running Playlist

so i decided to share my running playlist. because im a dork.

Go Ahead – Alicia Keys: Its a good warm up song. especially if youve ever been cheated on. im all about emotional exercise. haha.

Toxic – Britney Spears: its steady, and kinda makes you feel slinky. and if youre not slinky, it makes you want to move in order to one day be slinky.

Be the Girl – Aslyn: upbeat + attitude = good

U & Ur Hand – Pink:  “you dont really wanna mess with me tonight”… nuff said

Sexy Back – Justin Timberlake

Play  – David Banner : the censored version. the song literally makes me sick, but the first line is something like… “run girl, let me see your body wet. yeah girl lemme see you drip sweat.” he is not talking about running. whichis obvious by the rest of the song, but it has a good beat)

Since you Been Gone – Kelly Clarkson: again with the emotional exercise.

Only One – Yellowcard

Dont Wait – Dashboard

Vindicated – Dashboard

Survivor – Destinys Child : when you gotta push that extra 3 minutes, thats a great song to have on.

Devil Archerist – Bethany Joy Lenz

Made to Love – Toby Mac

Hum Along – Ludo

Shackles (Praise You) – Mary Mary : Yes I am possibly the only person who can run to Christian music. I have a few good ones on here though. Made to love, is an awesome song. They have a great beat!

Wonder of it All – Next Year

I just want you to know – Backstreet Boys : dont laugh. bsb is awesome. i will forever be a fan.

All the Small Things – Blink 182

In the Rough – Anna Nalick

I am God – Kirk Franklin : so much instrumental stuff. combine rock and gospel. it was pretty freaking amazing.

Just Enough – Aslyn

After the World – Disciple

Crazy in Love – Beyonce : yeah, i hate this song, but its fast.

anyways, thats my playlist. if you have any suggestions, id love to hear them!!! NIRE. ahem ahem! 😛


2 Responses to “Running Playlist”

  1. kate nash is awesome — i like mouthwash and foundations.

    damaged by danity kane…but i feel like you probably have this already. 😉

    piece of me and toy soldier by britney spears.

    misery business, paramore.

    faded — soulDecision. (love. love. love it.)

    better already — northern state. yes, they’re lady rappers, and they’re awesome.

    ms. new booty — bubba sparxx

    i’m sure i have more…i’ll update you as they occur to me. 😉

  2. hahaha i knew youd come through!! im downloading kate nash as we speak! 😛 and i completely COMPLETELY forgot about soul decision!! and you were totally right about “damaged” lol.

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