run baby run.

Im training for a marathon. yes. I said marathon. a whole 26 mile thing. its in october so apparently thats enough time to train. im quite excited for this. 🙂 the only thing i am a little worried about is my athsma. BUT i think endurance training will benefit my lungs. HOORAY.

what else is new? im back home with the rents and my cousin, doug.  gonna focus on school and save as much money as possible. this requires a job though, so wish me luck on that venture.

my dogs are crazy.

everyone is getting married. i would get upset, or whatever about it… but i have realized that its going to be this way for the next like… 20 years. people are just gonna be gettin married right and left. and then in 20 years youll start hearing about divorces (not wishing that on anyone of course) and everyone will be gettin a divorce.

Im reading “the other boleyn girl” and i cant put it down. well, i can … but only because im forcing myself to. if you hated the movie, read the book bc its really good. crazy, but good.

tonight is LOST night. its been a few weeks since ive hung out with DRok. the only reason i dont like hangin out with her is beause everytime i leave, i want to chop my hair off cuase hers looks so cute. and then i have to literally pull out my TU ID, and see how retarded I look with hair that short and tell myself that even straight, it wouldnt look good.

Thats my ramble for the day.

Thanks for tuning in, kids.


One Response to “run baby run.”

  1. oh my! i saw that book “the other boleyn girl” and it really caught my interest since i’ve always been into elizabeth 1 and her equally interesting father – henry VIII.

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