self reflection

so yeah…im trying to spend more time getting to know myself. or like… writing down my “realizations” of what makes me, me.

i dont know. im going through a phase.

anyways, my reflections for today is that i am a very deliberate person.  when i put a song in my myspace profile, or AIM profile you can look up the lyrics and see exactly what im feeling.  i like making people dig a little bit in order to understand me. and i enjoy digging to understand other people… but ive only met a few that really match my …. desire to be completely open, but only to those willing to do the work to figure them out.  & Im having dinner with one of them, tonight. 😛

its been forever since weve done 1/2 priced appetizers @ applebees!

ooooh memories of B114. aaah i really do miss it.


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