Random things about me

Here is a random list about random things… about me.

– I don’t take life seriously… theres something in me that just doesn’t let me.

– I love being in love and never pass up a chance to fall.

– Everyone I have fallen for, has broken my heart.

– Routines bore me, so I constantly try to “shake up” my life. I view it kind of like rearranging furniture. I dont mind changing jobs, apartments, churches… almost any change is welcome in my book.

– I love getting through heartache because i know it brings me closer to God.

– I get hit on a lot at the drive thru window… but hey it usually gets me some free fries so im not complainin! ;P

– Id love to sit and listen to sermons all day long.

– If you and I have never been in a pretty serious argument or fight, i do not consider you a close friend. If we have, and we are speaking now… you mean the world to me

– Im a compulsive list maker. but then i lose my lists…

– It is unusually easy for me to cut people out of my life.

– I 100% believe Jesus is coming back in my lifetime.

– People laugh at me from their cars when they see me because im the girl singing at the top of her lungs and i dont care whos listening.

– I can describe every single situation in my life, every feeling and emotion ive ever had, with a song lyric.


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