Ive decided

that I do not want anything for Christmas this year. I want everyone who would normally get me a gift, to give something to the homeless or at least someone who needs something more than I do. I have realized how selfish I am. And … it just hit me that wow… there are people who dont live in houses. there are people who arent able to be with their families for the holiday. there are people who cant afford to get their kids anything for Christmas. and yeah according to american standards, im pretty poor. i am in a lot of debt, and dont really make enough money to live on my own…

but i have so much more than others. i have clean water, a roof over my head, clean clothing, a car. i can eat 3 meals a day, comfortably. i dont really want for anything. everything i need to survive, i have. there are so many people who dont have that.

 So im asking all of you, please help at least one person who you know is less fortunate than you. Give a meal to someone you see living on the street, or a family you know is struggling. We have to open our eyes and see those around us. Our culture teaches us to be selfish and to take care of ourselves before taking care of others. Then we get in to this state of mind and its almost like we have blinders on to the world around us. Only focusing on ourselves. Jesus says to love each other as we love ourselves. There shouldnt be a priority … you shouldnt put yourself before others. Let your heart break for them and the situation they are in, and help them as you are able to. Love is not just a feeling. Love is accompanied by action.

For starters, you could call 1 866 500 4673(HOPE). a 38 dollar donation can feed 20 people. thats less than 2 dollars a person…. ya know? The organization finds the closest rescue organization to your zip code and gives the money you donate to them, so you help the people in your community.

So go ahead and show people that they are loved. Not only by us, but more importantly and amazingly by our Father, in heaven. …”They will know you by your love”…

Have a safe and blessed holiday.


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