We are dorks… and this is what dorks talk about…:P


hazelgrl84 (9:41:08 PM): do you like my turkey

oreolova85 (12:40:53 AM): YES!!!!!!!!!! she is so cute!

hazelgrl84 (9:41:30 PM): i think its a he

oreolova85 (12:41:09 AM): oh.

hazelgrl84 (9:41:39 PM): aren’t most turkeys boys

oreolova85 (12:41:31 AM): no i think turkeys can be girls… they have to come from somewhere

hazelgrl84 (9:42:05 PM): oh okay

oreolova85 (12:41:51 AM): your turkey sounds like a girl

hazelgrl84 (9:42:26 PM): oh

hazelgrl84 (9:42:28 PM): darn it

oreolova85 (12:42:13 AM): are you a turkey sexist????

hazelgrl84 (9:42:41 PM): i wanted to name my turkey phramey

hazelgrl84 (9:42:45 PM): hahahahaa

hazelgrl84 (9:42:51 PM): like ephraim

hazelgrl84 (9:42:59 PM): phraimey*

oreolova85 (12:42:35 AM): hahah do it anyways!!

hazelgrl84 (9:43:13 PM): okay my turkey’s name is phraimey!!!!!!

oreolova85 (12:42:55 AM): hooray!!!

hazelgrl84 (9:43:27 PM): haha

hazelgrl84 (9:43:44 PM): alright now to pray

hazelgrl84 (9:43:49 PM): goodnight again

oreolova85 (12:43:26 AM): gnight!

hazelgrl84 (9:43:53 PM): for the 2nd time!

hazelgrl84 (9:43:54 PM): bye

hazelgrl84 (9:44:35 PM): its said everytime i say goodbye to someone phraimey gets his head chopped off. it makes me sad, and a little frightened.

hazelgrl84 (9:44:46 PM): see watch

hazelgrl84 (9:44:47 PM): bye

oreolova85 (12:44:32 AM): do it again

hazelgrl84 (9:45:00 PM): goodbye

oreolova85 (12:44:36 AM): ‘i missed it

hazelgrl84 (9:45:05 PM): bye

oreolova85 (12:44:49 AM): aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw never say goodbye again!!

hazelgrl84 (9:45:21 PM): i know

hazelgrl84 (9:45:35 PM): ciao

oreolova85 (12:45:17 AM): NOOOOOOOOOOOO

hazelgrl84 (9:45:45 PM): i know

oreolova85 (12:45:25 AM): it did it again!!!!!!!

hazelgrl84 (9:45:54 PM): hasta luego

hazelgrl84 (9:45:58 PM): no


oreolova85 (12:45:36 AM): hahahahhahaha

hazelgrl84 (9:46:19 PM): adios amigo, e pace

oreolova85 (12:46:02 AM): no stinkin way!!

hazelgrl84 (9:46:28 PM): i gave up

oreolova85 (12:46:07 AM): i had no idea AIM was so smart

hazelgrl84 (9:46:37 PM): me either

hazelgrl84 (9:46:41 PM): thats kinda scary

oreolova85 (12:46:21 AM): try…aloha

hazelgrl84 (9:46:50 PM): aloha

oreolova85 (12:46:30 AM): HOORAY!!!!!!!!

hazelgrl84 (9:47:00 PM): yeah

oreolova85 (12:46:39 AM): phaimey is still alive!!

hazelgrl84 (9:47:19 PM): thats why i original tried ciao because it means hello and goodbye

oreolova85 (12:47:03 AM): lol

hazelgrl84 (9:47:41 PM): so goodnight and aloha

oreolova85 (12:47:22 AM): aloha!!!!

hazelgrl84 (9:47:50 PM): ahhaah

hazelgrl84 (9:47:55 PM): ALOHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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