“You make me laugh
‘Cause your eyes they light the night
They look right through me
You bashful boy
You’re hiding something sweet” -Pheobe Snow

I had a great weekend. Friday, I hung out with Mr. Johnson and had a great time, as usual. Saturday I had training for work, found out I had a SC temperment… (the DISC test), and had dinner with patrick. I miss pdizzle. sunday went to church, and saw queen latifah with Ian, his dad and step mom. it was amazing! She sang jazz, and was increadible!! i was very very pleasantly surprised. I love her. She covered this song called “poetry man” which was definitely my favorite. She really was great. 

on a little bit of a lower note, i think im fighting off some kind of sickness. And there was a million-legged bug in my room last night but it was so high up that i couldnt reach it and holly wouldnt have been able to reach it so i just turned off the light and tried to pretend that i never saw it in the first place. but i did, which was evident in my nightmares about million legged bugs crawling in my ears and up my nose and everything. it was gross.

Church was really good on sunday mornin. Pastor Joe talked about Judas, and basically talked about his character, and why he may have done what he did. It broke my heart. Someone who heard Jesus speak with his own ears, saw Him do miracles with his own eyes, fellowshiped with him on a personal level… didnt accept His salvation. His heart never came to Him. Thats so sad.


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