Can I just tell you

how excited I am to be in school??? I LOVE my classes, they are mind bending. I just hope that my simple writing style is appreciated as much as it was back at Temple. I remember Danielle used to laugh at me all the time, because my writing was like… really easy for everyone to understand. Im not about all the fancy vocab and stuff like that. Straight to the point. This school is tougher than Temple is, so its definitely going to be a challenge for me. Im excited though. Really excited. 🙂

 On an amazing note, God has been healing Holly in such a way that is indescribable. Financially and physically. Its increadible!!!!! PRAISE GOD! I also praise God that her and I were able to work everything out between us. 🙂

I dont think im going back to truelife. I  talked to Pete about it today. The drama is plaguing me. And maybe I am buckling under pressure, but maybe I just dont feel like wasting energy defending myself against petty stuff. My personal life is no ones business really, and the fact that its often the topic of conversation is irritating to me. And not to  mention people are trying to mess with with friendships of mine and just…showing their true character. and you know what? im tired. and i dont have to put up with it. so im not going to. If I have to be in a ministry to serve God, then Im not a true follower of Christ. Im going out, and doing something. Im done talking about change, and community, and all of that stuff. Im going to stop talking about it, and start doing it. We have been talking and talking and talking and we can keep doing that until we die, and accomplish nothing. Lets start doing something.  Lets get out there. Lets share love with those who dont believe they deserve to be loved. Lets go. Is there anyone whos with me?? Or is it just gonna be me and God again?


2 Responses to “Can I just tell you”

  1. I’m with you!!! U know what im goin to do? Im going to find any chat rooms that i can and ask people if they know JESUS!!! But dont worry. i wont go too far.

  2. The internet is a great way to share the good news of Christ, especially for those who are a bit bashful about sharing their faith. we got nothin to lose, so lets get out there any way we can!! 🙂 Let me know if anything interesting happens!
    Your sister in Him,

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