Ive been reading

Jeremiah. And my  heart is breaking. Gods heart is breaking. Its just…

this is my paraphrase.

 “Remember when you loved me and searched for me and I protected you? Remember the love you had for eachother? I do. I Remember when you were kind and loving and how you came to me when you were in trouble.  You were holy, and I blessed you and I loved blessing you. But now look at you. You dont even acknowlege me anymore. You have made gods with your hands and worship them instead of worshiping me. They cant help you, or guide you or love you so what are you doing? I was faithful, I was loyal, I stuck by you and answered your calls for help. I was the only one who was there for you and now you are worshiping things that do not do you any good at all. Did I do something wrong? Is there a reason you have turned away from me? Not even the priests are seeking after me. The “righteous” of the earth have turned their backs. I would have given you everything, if you loved me. But you dont, so I have no other choice but to let you destroy yourselves. You are so determined to do things that will only cause you pain, so I will no longer protect you from that pain. I will let you do what you want, and you will see for yourselves. You will see the stones and the trees and the gold you worship, cannot help you in times of trials. And when you see that, you will turn to me again and expect me to save you from the things you have brought on yourselves, and im not going to help you. But, if you realize how much you have hurt me, I will forgive you. If you turn to me and tell me you love me and need me, I will come to you.  I am committed to you and you alone. Please, come back to me. I love you and have always loved you and will always love you. I dont want you to be in pain, but you were determined to turn your back to me. If you just realize what you have done, and acknowlege it I will take you back. You will always be my child. I will heal the pain you have caused yourself. I will heal the pain the world has caused you. I will heal the hurt you are feeling. I will set you on the right path, and I will love you. All you have to do, is put the idols down. All you have to do is give me your whole heart. See that I am your God. and love me with everything you have, everything I have given you.  And I will not hold back from you any longer.”

Thats what I get from the first 3 chapters of Jeremiah. He is pleading with us we are his children. All of you who are fighting, struggling against the idea of God. Youre struggling, because He is and has been calling to you. Wanting you to follow Him. To let Him love you. And all you have to do, is tell Him you want to see Him. If you seek Him, you will find Him when you search for Him with all of your heart. (Jeremiah 29:13)


2 Responses to “Ive been reading”

  1. wow!!! that was so wonderful

  2. thanks! im glad you are encouraged by my thoughts! how did you come across this blog??

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