Have you ever

looked at yourself, and seen growth?

I look at who I was 6 months ago, and compare it to who I am now and I feel like im looking at two different people. Not completely, but its like Ive been freed or something. I dont know. I have this hunger, and the freedom to pursue that hunger with everything I have.  The way I want to do it. Its like, ive freed myself. Ive freed myself from what people think of me, from perceptions and judgements of other people, controlling my behavior.  Im freeing myself from being what other people think I should be. I trust that God is going to grow me. I am seeking Him in all things, so theres no way Im not going to find Him. No possible way. Hes just so good. My heart is hungry. And He is the only one who can fill me up. Hes the only one Im turning to, to do that.


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