i was reading my old livejournal and this post made me giggle.  probably because its true for one week out of every month. ive changed the date, to match! 🙂

“WARNING: Due to the severe side effects of feminine hormones, Jess Ross will be behaving slightly different than usual during the week of 10/01/07. Some of these behaviors include violent reactions to stupid things, extreme and often brutal honesty or sarcasm, offensive remarks, and severe emotional variation. It will also be very difficult to partake in a conversation with Ms. Ross, especially regarding sensitive subjects. Please take the necessary percausions when interacting with Ms. ross for both your safety and the safety of those around you. We apologize for the inconvenience, although it is better to be informed and prepared in this situation.

TIP: Chocolate will help ease any existant or non-existant tension between you and Ms. Ross. The more chocolate there is, the better she feels.

Thank you for your cooperation”


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