I know

I havent really updated in a while, and thats because I am super busy.

so yeah, when i get time i like to spend it by myself. (or with someone sweet). Its a little exhausting.

But dont you think for ONE second im complaining because I certainly am not at all!!! God is allowing me to use the gifts he has given me and not only that, but one of my part time jobs I am able to listen to sermons, and study the word and stuff which is really nice. Ive been learning so much, its increadible. Ive been studying the Bible backwards book by book… and im now on Hebrews. For whatever reason, its really difficult for me to understand. I dont really get it. But thats alright, I plan on listening to pastor joe and seeing what he has to say about whatever verses.

Im really just enjoying myself. Even though Im the busiest ive ever been, i feel as if im FINALLY getting a grip on who I am.  I think part of that is that ive surrounded myself with people who encourage me to be who I am and dont expect perfection. Im flawed, and I need people who will lift me up, not push me down. Not talk behind my back. Not thrive on drama.

This time is good.


Praise God


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