how all of a sudden, I am getting told by various people that i need to change my image. surface things. dumb things. a few years ago, this would have totally rocked my world and i would have considered re-vamping my “image”. not this time. ive come to know myself well enough that i have realized that im not defined by what i wear, how i do my hair, how much make up i put on or how much time i spend on myself. i am defined by my Father in heaven… & He sees me as  “a lily among thorns.” Regardless of what I wear, or what I look like… I am beautiful. Inside, and out because my Jesus in heaven made me. Took time out and carefully put me together. Put desires and interests in my heart. How dare I think that I could do anything physical to add or take away from that beauty? If someone looks at me and sees me for what I wear and doesnt look at my heart, then … fine. Thats their perogative. But Im not going to change myself to get attention or approval from anyone else.

i am who i am. i am what He made me. And i should never look to material things, to define me. I am a lily among thorns. Thank you Lord, for your awesome creation. I love who you made me to be, no matter what anyone else says.


One Response to “strange”

  1. Well I think you are great just the way you are. Those other people, just aren’t sure of themselves.

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