“Many men will drink the rain…

…and turn to thank the clouds. Many men will hear you speak, but they will never turn around”

its one of those days where i remember why it is i am on this earth. Im here, because He put me here. He is the only reason I am who I am. I am so blessed, and I think sometimes I forget that. The other day, I just spent time thanking God for the things He has done. Not just for me, but for everyone. Everyone can find something positive in their lives to praise God for. 

The last few weeks have taught me a lot. He does so much for so many people and most of the things He does, goes completely unnoticed.  no acknowlegment at all. Imagine doing something nice for someone, and not only does that person not even acknowlege what you did for them, but that person chooses to be miserable because everything you HAVENT done yet. It sucks. And its not fair to be so ungrateful.

If youre waiting for God to fulfil you physically, its not going to happen. Physical needs and wants are insatiable. Youre always going to want something bigger, brighter, faster, smarter, more beautiful, more reliable, taller, smaller, thinner, youre always gonna want more things and more money to get those things. Youre always gonna wish you looked more like someone else. Theres always someone or something better.

Until you thank God, and endlessly praise Him for the unseen things in your life. Salvation. Love. Breath. Why would He even want to give us anything else?

Personally, I hate doing things for people who dont appreciate it. Who can only find something else wrong. Im sure it would bother any of us. Im sure it hurts God, too.

So take the time out today, and thank God for the things He has done. Thank him for food, clean water, a roof over your head, the very breath you are taking right now. Most importantly, thank Him for the cross.


One Response to ““Many men will drink the rain…”

  1. Very well said.

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