if you know what i would like for christmas this year, you have the answer to the previous password post!! 😛

mwahaha. also, if you email me, ill more than likely tell you so you can read my wonderful gushing and blushing and hoping and just… me being a girl.

alsdjfalskfj. hahahaha.

ok so today i woke up with “frosty the snowman” in my head and i got all excited for Christmas specials, and cocoa, and leaves turning pretty colors! autumn is my absolute FAVORITE season, its just so beautiful. i love bein in nature when the leaves are turning and falling, its just… amazing to me.

i was thinking about why i USED to love autumn and it was because school was starting. mom would take us clothes shopping, and for the first month or so id be so excited to wear all my cute new clothes to school. yeah, im excited for school this time too… but i grew out of the whole “cute clothes” thing. 😛 i just love everything about autumn… the smell, how you can wear a sweater without a jacket.

and now im thinkin to myself, why did God create autumn and how can the season speak to my spirit? And Im thinking of the trees and the leaves and whats really going on. they are dying. well, are they dying? or are the trees letting go? i think they are letting go. allowing God to change the things that need to be changed, and letting them go. Allowing God to put in them new fruit, new leaves, new begining. Out of death, comes life. That is why autumn is so beautiful. When the autumns come in our lives, I hope we learn to embrace it and see the beauty of letting go.


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