God hears us

ive been praying, and just have been weighed down by something in particular, that i havent really shared with anyone.

Today, pete tells me that God showed him the same thing last night, and is going to try to help the situation.

It just shows me, that God hears the things that we pray about, and even if they seem trivial, they absolutely are not trivial. This is actually a serious issue.  Much more serious than it looks on the surface, and God is hearing my cries for these girls. For us as sisters.

We need to rise above the crap that gets put in to our heads every day. Why are we trying to fit in to the standards of this world, when God has already told us that we are so much greater. we are worthy of being called His. That should be the only thing we are worried about and should be more than enough reason to see our self worth. To stop living as if we are defeated by the physical and moral standards that we should be rising above.  Yeah, its hard and yeah, we will get knocked down. But we need to pick ourselves up and walk tall.


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