I really dont want

to be one of those people who see God only for what He has done in my life.  I dont want to be one of those people who twist scripture to fit whatever situation they are going through, and use that as confirmation to act a certain way or do certain things. (most of the time, taking the scripture way out of context). I dont want to be one of those people who uses God just to give them that warm, fuzzy feeling or even use God to understand the world around them. I dont want to use Him to “give me peace” about petty situations. Im not saying that doing these things is bad, but im sick of living like this. im at a point where i feel like there is so much more. There has got to be. God is big. so big.

&I want to see Him for everything He is. I want to see His face, and i feel like im zoomed in so much, that all i can see is … like… his eyelash. I want to zoom out. I dont want to be selfish anymore. I dont want to see God as what he has done for me me me and what He can do for me me me. Ugh Im so sick of that mentality. I feel like so many of us have it all wrong.  And I cant tell if my heart is hardening, or if its catching on fire. Im praying its the latter.


One Response to “I really dont want”

  1. Wow you sound like I was a few months ago in my walk with Him. I wanted to experience something BIG. Something that I knew could only be a God thing. After 13 weeks of going thru a course on “How To Share My Faith” at my church and seeing people come to Christ and give their lives to Him, did I realize that I was seeing the supernatural already! And I thanked God for showing me, because I was missing the miracle evertime! The salvation process IS a miracle because Jesus said no one comes to me unless the Father draws them to ME…John 6:44. Now when I share my faith with someone I know it’s nothing that I am doing or saying-it’s God that’s doing it all! He get’s all the glory. Check out my blog post titled Missing the Miracle at Ronsworld.wordpress.com and I hope this can be an encouragement to you. Keep praying for Him to reveal Himself and He wil! Look to see where God is working in your church or on your campus and join in! That’s how Jesus did it! See my post titled “New School Year” I will put you on my prayer list this week!

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