Jessicas husband requirements.

i almost got upset about something dumb. the date on my blog is one day ahead of the actual date and i dont know how to fix it.

needless to say, im a little on edge today… and i dont know why. maybe because i dont really to know what to do with myself. all this energy and stuff built up inside has no outlet! maybe its because im stuck in this chair until 5.


soooooooooooo yeah last night pastor ray talked about different things that you need to look for in a spouse… which inspired me to make my OWN list. (this is probably my millionth list). i am gonna start with the things that pastor ray said… because they were all good things.

1. Spiritual : to me, this means constantly wanting to grow in your personal relationship with the Lord.  I need a guy who is constantly seeking His face, and His will above all else. I want to come second in His life.  Id love someone who I feel comfortable talking about the Bible. Things I dont understand, things i think are awesome. I want to discuss things with someone who has a different perspective than I have. Someone who will teach me things and challenge me to grow spiritually. Someone I can pray with. Share the things that God has put in my heart with. Someone who will get excited about these things with me! and someone who will help me run after those things and run right beside me.

2. Emotionally Stable: to me, this means someone who knows who he is, identifies how he feels and why he feels that way. i dont think its fair to demand complete emotionally stability right off the bat, however I need someone who can recognize his flaws, and work to improve them. I love helping people do this… and I need someone who turns to me from time to time. basically my best friend. Who trusts me enough to know that i want what is best for him. someone who wants me to turn to him as well. who doesnt feel burdened by me. who is genuinely interested in his own and my wellbeing.

 3. Smart:  for me, I need someone strong in his opinions, but willing to listen to the opinions of others.  Someone who can carry an intelligent conversation.

4. Sensitive: This is probably one of the most important things to me. I need someone who values, appreciates, and listens to me! the most frustrating thing in the world is talking to someone who is a brick wall. who doesnt respond to ANYTHING you are saying. who doesnt look at you when you talk.  I need my husband to be sensitive to these things. I need eye contact! lol. I have a strange sense of humor. when i make a dumb joke, pretend to laugh, call me a dork,  just dont make me feel stupid. I need to feel like there is an effort to know me as a person. Who I am, where I came from, why I respond to things the way that I do. Someone who is genuinely interested in the personality God gave me. Someone who looks at me, and smiles bc he likes who i am. djfalksjdflkasd.

Dangit, I cant wait to fall in love. Real love, Godly love, with someone who is all of this and much more. Itd be great if I could pick the person, BUT we will see what Gods will is. Right now, Im enjoying the fluttery feeling, although it does get annoying. 😛

I told the Lord that no matter who he brought in to my life, I wouldnt get in to a serious relationship until at least December. I dont want to rush in to anything. I wanna give myself a chance to settle and refocus on school and routine and time management and money management and all that jazz. But im definitely… interested.


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