Here I am!

at work. til 5. left with nothing to do but answer phones and type my thoughts away on to this here computer.

last night i was prayin. yeah, i do that a lot. but this was different. i felt like i wasnt in my own body. i know that may sound weird, but it was awesome.  ive been prayin a lot lately about a lot of different things.

saturday sent me in to a whirlwind. im all like… “whatever you want, Lord… but I hope you want this cause that would be awesome” and then i get told ” be patient” so i will. i will try to. but if these feelings and little inklings arent right, please take them away. i only want Gods best for my life. if this isnt it, then show me. show me. youve done it so many times before. i trust He will show me. if it is Your best for me, then please help the focus remain on You. I dont want to rush in to anything. But im excited for the possibility. Friendship, more than that, whatever it is you have planned. Im just glad, Lord. Youre amazing.

Ill write more later, im sure. I gotta read philippians.


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