so anxious

ive been very anxious lately. its been quite frustrating. i think i know whats causing this, and its just annoying. I dont understand the point. its been years and years and years… like… 7th grade was the last time i felt all topsy turvey. and i used to like that feeling. Its the reason I used to wake up for school every morning! sometimes i wonder what we all would have done, if we didnt have those crushes in middleschool and highschool. i mean, how can you wake up at 5am without any motivation? yeeeeeah. its not like that now. its that weird feeling… followed by… “dont let your mind run away with you” lectures. “youll just get hurt” crap that circles in your mind over and over again. oooh goodness.

my day was good.

aaaaah. if i could just focus, that would be WONDERFUL! im goin to the gym tonight with zack, so maybe i can run out my healthy frustrations! 🙂 im excited though. totally ready to run. yay!!!


2 Responses to “so anxious”

  1. oooo you have a crush?

  2. lol i told you this already and you said…. “oooo i knew youd go for him!” 😛 do you remember?

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