was sooo much better than last sunday night. so. much. better. God You are so good, it amazes me. We even hung out, and it wasnt weird. like… it was so much better. im not saying it was effortless, because it definitely wasnt. it definitely took a lot of effort to be easygoing. but, it just shows me that things are going to be alright. im going to be healing for a while. and thats ok. I told the Lord, that no matter what happens, who he brings in to my life or what. He gets me and just me until the end of the year. even if mr perfect walks in to my life tomorrow. i dont care. if he never walks in to my life. i dont care. life isnt about that. its about reaching tthe lost.

i listened to this sermon on its called “a face in the crowd” pt 1 by andy stanley, dated 1/8/06. oh man, was it convicting. and those are the best messages. i really want you to go listen to it. please. if you dont, you may miss out on something you were supposed to hear. why else were you lead to this page, right?

 if anything, after listening to the message, you will understand my heart more.


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