oh my goodness.

all i have to say is… *sigh* not a sad sigh…. but that giddy, eye fluttery day dreamy *sigh*.  ive never seen anyone any more aesthetically pleasing. that would be awesome… but too expensive. bad timing. cue sad sigh.

 last night, holly and i spent like a straight hour laughing hysterically. it was one of those things that happens at 4am, for NO reason. we were just laughing. then we were laughing at the other person laughing. then we were laughing for absolutely no reason. i havent laughed that hard in YEARS. i woke up and my stomach is sore. i feel like ive done a million crunches.

i want it to happen. (sorry for the vagueness… but seeing as people actually read this now… i cant really divulge a lot of info. however, if youre really interested, there is an entry i did last year… you may get an understanding about the “too expensive” comment.) OR if your really dying to know… (which no one is) email me and ill tell you.


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