New Roomate!

Yesterday, we moved Holly in. Im really excited, and glad and all that stuff. Last nights girls group was very interesting. A lot of discussion spawned off of the dvd we watched, which lead to the question… why doesnt it hit home, how awesome and holy our God is? Why do we personify Him so much? We bring Him to our level, when He is so much greater. so much… bigger. yet he stoops to our level and cares about each of us so greatly. Its increadible. Im glad Im single. Ive been spending a lot of time with other girls lately. Girls thirsty to see God move, to understand Him and honor Him and praise Him.  I dont get along well with girls. I usually surround myself with one or two or three i feel i can really trust… but even then our relationship is mostly surface. But, God has blessed me with people who are like-minded and like-spirited and just…. we can talk and talk and talk all day long about how awesome our God is. its amazing. And I would be missing all of it, if i werent single.

Im starting to see.


One Response to “New Roomate!”

  1. Ok sorry… I read this entry like 8,000 years after you posted it, but i just think it’s so interesting that once you open up to God, it seems like he lets you run into like-people. I’m glad we have good lives with good people and good support. It’s something im finding more valuable as time goes on.

    alright later!

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