was fun. Lima and Holly came over and Lima made spanish food. mmmm. and me and holly ate it. lol. but yeah, we watched “the breakup” which actually made us more mad, than happy. lol. just. why are guys so one track minded?? and why dont they come after us???? all we, as girls want… is for a guy to fight for us. to come after us when we walk away mad. to care. thats it… but guys dont do that. *sigh. lol. that was our big question of the night.


2 Responses to “Tonight”

  1. Ahtahzsa Stevens Says:

    HAHA.. i thought i was the only one who got mad at that movie… I can always count on you Jess to share like emotion 🙂

  2. Cooking ideas

    Tonight | A Day in the Life…

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