im helping michelle move out. it would be sad, but she was never here so its not really that sad at all. I think this weekend, Holly is going to start moving her stuff in. The coolest thing about being single, is seeing everyone for who they are, again. not that i didnt do that before, but my attention was divided. Now when i look at a person, I really really look at them. I dont think any of this makes any sense to anyone besides me. But who cares. One thing i really do like about myself is that God gave me the ability to see people very clearly. I can look at someone, and (sometimes) know exactly what they are going through. I know what their struggles are, what is holding on to them. Its strange, and Ive been able to do this for a while, and then I read in the Bible about the gift of knowledge… and I think that I might have some of that. God is cool. But its strange, because why would he give someone that, who is not very good at talking to people? Yeah, I dont know. And I dont really know what to do with it. But i love seeing things about people quickly, that no one else has really picked up on. Thats all.


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