Magic Bullet.

I love my friends. I love watching magic bullet infomercials and discussing boy meets world until 2am. i love talking about how cool God is. Things are going to be fine. We hung out tonight, and it was…. normal. friendly. good. not awkward. (oh my gosh is that how you spell awkward???? how awkward is the word awkward!) but yeah. things are going to be fine. and i know i keep saying that. . . but God has so much MORE in store, i can just feel it in my bones. and whats happening is something that i really want to give my full attention to. im so excited. i cant write what exactly about, here. but … I just pray this is the right move for truelife. I believe it is. And for that, Im excited to be a part of it!!!! The next relationshiip I am in will be with someone who is running as fast and hard (or faster and harder) than I want to go.  Someone who isnt intimidated by how much I want to know and grow and learn and share and…. yeah it may be overwhelming to some, but im sure theres someone out there who can handle it. 😛 And maybe, one day, Ill find him. But Im definitely not looking.


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