break away

yeah. this is a familiar situation for me, and all i have to say, is thank God for Kelly Clarkson. AND it just occurred to me that I can download her new CD on my computer. (dont worry, its legal)

God has a strange but awesome way for preparing me for this crap. The sudden increase of girl friends I feel can open up to and not feel like a religious freak. The uncomfortability i have in doing the same thing we always do every sunday after truelife. A roomate so I dont feel quite as alone. Strangely, it doesnt hurt as much as I anticipated. Ive been hurt worse than this. Maybe because the element of betrayal is not really there this time. Maybe because I believe he did the right thing. Strange, i wish I could be there and help him through this. Gosh. How do I get rid of that?

if you need me, ill probably be at the gym… running.  


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