& Though my world may fall…

Ill never let You go.

 Jesus is my rock through everything. Yeah, I have issues. like, deep rooted psychological weirdo issues. Yeah, I gotta work those things out. But God gets me through crap like this.

 I have such an urge to deal with this the easy way. How I did in the past. Going out, getting trashed and making drunken, passionate phone calls to everyone whos ever hurt me. Im glad people Im friends with who live around here, wouldnt encourage me to do that… because I really think it would do more harm than good. But I still want to.  This is my struggle. Using alcohol as an excuse. As a mask. covering stuff up. Not letting myself feel. Or letting myself feel too much. God help me, please.

Deep down, I really believe that this is the start of a really good friendship. I know that sounds odd… but I believe it. I just have to figure out how to do this. Bc I dont know how. But I have support. I have Jesus. And even when my world is falling apart, I’m holdin on with everything I have.


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