its time

for a lot of random thoughts.

im getting a roommate! holly will be moving in by the end of the month. exciting! i lost my phone, but im getting a new one soon. 🙂 um…. many decisions regarding the ministry. im scared of seeing bugs in my room. transformers is awesome. i wish my little 96 grand am would just come alive and fight evil! neat. girls night tomorrow night. engagement party saturday. gotta take the cat to the vet tomorrow for her check up. i love chicken chalupas. i have many phone calls to make, without a phone. i miss my brother. i miss shaq. im glad he is in heaven. god is so good, and i dont understand it. dont know if i ever will. does that mean i shouldnt try to? of course im gonna try to. borrowed a book from pete. hope its good. im reading Ezekiel. I really think its cool, but everyone else seems to hate it. i like all the dreams and visions he has. I like the courage God gives him. I like how it parallels to the church today.  i wish God would talk to me like that. it would be sweet. i wonder if i would really listen and obey. i wonder if thats why he doesnt. hm. i like to wonder. because it leads to daydreaming which i love doing. i dont know whether to read Ezekiel before I go to bed, or that book pete let me borrow. maybe both. maybe ill make it a long night. i still want my car to transform.


5 Responses to “its time”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    I lost my phone a lil while bak but i was lucky to haf backed up all of my contacts with zyb let me easily retrieve everything into my new phone

  2. i’m sorry about shaq. =(

  3. thanks. it means a lot.

  4. hey chica your engaged??? cool. am I invited to the party?

  5. lol no engagement here.

    Jess A’s engagement party!


    silly girl!

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