Living with Michelle

is fun. we spent the morning playing with halli and singing backstreet boys at the top of our lungs. life is good.

because half of the worship band will be in Italy, I have been asked to sing with them as they participate in Washington Crossing’s 7 nights of worship. im super excited. 🙂

tomorrow i go on an interview to try to become a flight attendant. i really REALLY hope i get this job. how fun would that be?

mario and I are starting to do a Bible study together. Through strange mathamatics, we came up with I Samuel. Im really excited because, i think hannahs in this. and i love hannah. im excited to talk with him about it and have discussions and stuff. i think its important.

I miss patrick.

Tomorrow I have to call Liberty University and talk to them about my transcripts and stuff. ooooooooo buddy.

Thinking and praying about a roomate. it would help tremendously with the rent, and I think we would get along. She is praying about the situation as well… so we will see where God leads us to go.

Girls group was good tonight. We had a new face join us and she was a sweetheart. I love girls group, because… even though it structured, its not. We just talk and bond and… Im just excited to get closer to God and run after him with these girls. that sounded weird, but i hope you know what I meant. 😛 

The wedding was beautiful. Congrats Polito and Rosi. Hope you have a wonderful life together.

I said goodbye to a big part of my life this weekend. It was difficult. But, I think I may have finally let go.


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