had a meeting with pete and cate again today. im not sure if its cate with a c or kate with a k. hm. lots of things are running through my mind at this moment in time. a lot of things to do with the ministry. im feeling a little bit intimidated. im feeling a bit of self doubt, but not real self doubt. i dont know how to explain that. i feel all of these things but i feel as if im exactly where i am supposed to be. 

michelle has moved in she will be staying with me for 2 weeks. yay! im really excited about that. 🙂 i love her.

things are just. i cant get my mind to stop going. tomorrow i head to rosi and politos wedding to take place this weekend. i dont even have money to get them a decent gift. how sad is that.

things are stressful. im not sure about the support i have. this makes things more difficult. its strange, i feel that my biggest support as far as… emotionally. besides the Lord, is my girls. I find myself looking foward to monday nights. wondering what wise things will be said. what experiences will be shared. what about God we will discover. Its amazing, and I thank God for the girls in my life who understand me.

sorry i cant really elaborate about anything really…. its one of those things that there is too much to talk about.


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