Still, you love me.

No matter how much I mess up, He loves me. Unconditionally. You go through life trying to find the person who loves you the most. Who would walk through fire for you, who would go to the ends of the earth for you, who would give up their life for you. When you dont find it, you wonder whats wrong with you. Or maybe you figure out that the person youre in love with, wouldnt really give up their own life for yours. Maybe youve figured out it was just… a lie. And squandered that little dream that lived in you, because love like that only exists in movies, and cheesy sitcoms.

It doesnt.

I know someone who loved me so much, that He did everything He could do, to show me he loved me. And, for a while I took it for granted. I always knew He sacrificed himself, out of love for each and every person on earth. So He could have a personal relationship, a friendship with each of us. And I lived life, knowing it, but not really… understanding it.

Ive had my fair share of failed relationships. At the end of them, I always felt as if the other person didnt know what they had. That they didnt appreciate me, the sacrifices I had made for them, the things I had done to show my love every single day. I felt as if they just wanted me there to fill the “girlfriend” void in their lives, but never wanted to dig deeper. They didnt want to really get to know me as more than their girlfriend. As a person, as the person on this Earth who would do anything for them if they needed me to.  Their eyes constantly wandered to girls who were prettier, and sometimes, their eyes werent the only things that wandered away. Ive caught myself thinking “if only he knew what he had! he would be so happy right now!” And then, I blamed God for my romantic relationships going wrong. It wasnt until last year, that God really opened my eyes and made me see that how hurt and unappreciated I felt, was only a very very small fraction of what He feels every moment of every day. And, that I was adding to His pain.

Jesus. Sacrificed himself and died for every single person on the planet. Hoping that His display of love, would draw people to Him. Unfortunately, His love is not returned by everyone he would like.

Every person wants the person they love to prove that they love them back. Ive caught myself saying in the past… “you love me? prove it!”.  And many times I would be happy if that person, instead of playing video games that night, would take me out to dinner instead. “he really loves me.” id say to myself.

How much more did Jesus do? He has given us all proof. I cant imagine the heartbreak He feels when His children, the children He created and appreciates, and loves dont accept Him or turn to other things to fill the void that only He can fill.

He loves you, and He died …. DIED so that you would be free to love Him. Try not to take that for granted.  Its the love we have all dreamed about. No, life is not an easy road and accepting Jesus doesnt get rid of life’s inevitable problems… but its so much easier knowing that when everyone else may let you down, He is there to hold your hand. He will ALWAYS be there to help you get through it. Never have I met someone as committed, loyal, appreciative, forgiving and trustworthy. His love is truly not of this world.

So not only have I dedicated my life to helping people understand his sign of ultimate Love, but I have committed myself to a life of truly and deeply loving Him back.

Thank You, Lord, for loving us all.

“Prodigal”~ Michael Gungor Band

 “I’ve tasted Your glory And I left it there

You poured out Your spirit and I didnt care

Still, You loved me

I’ve lived for myself with nobody to blame

I took what You gave me and squandered Your grace

Still You loved me

Nothing compares to what You’ve done for me

Nothing compares to what You’ve done for me

I could live for the broken and share in their pain

I could die like a martyr and live like a saint

Just to love You

I could sing like the angels and gather Your praise

Be blessed beyond measure and give it away

Just to love You

But nothing compares to what You’ve done for me

Nothing compares to what You’ve done for me

My heart has been broken

Ive layed out my shame

Because of your mercy all I can say is

I love You

So ill tell of Your story

Ill carry Your name

Ill live for Your glory Lord Ill share in Your pain

Just to love You

Nothing compares to what You’ve done for me

Nothing compares to what You’ve done for me

Nothing compares to what You’ve done for me

Nothing can separate us

No nothing can separate us

Not death or life or depth or height

or unseen power now or never!”

If I could write a song, it would be that one. Thats my heart.


2 Responses to “Still, you love me.”

  1. Your post got my head stirring all day.

    I got into one of those, “If this person really loved me, then they’ll prove it by doing ‘x'” moods not too long ago. I never actually said that to the person…but I thought it…REALLY HARD! Heh heh.

    It’s really awesome when we get exactly what we wanted…and then there’s those times when what we get isn’t exactly what we asked for…and then we start asking where’s the love?

    And then I started thinking about all the times I missed opportunities to “prove it” to somebody else, and all the times it’s been “proven” to me above and beyond anything I could ever dream of.

    And then I thought, well maybe I’m not getting what I want, but is this person’s love the same as it was when I got all this awesome treatment I never asked for, and didn’t have it thrown in my face when I dropped the ball? The love didn’t change, just the circumstances.

    I can’t remember how many times I’ve told other people that the God who was with us during our most enjoyable moments still loves us the same as He does during times that aren’t quite so fun.

    …And I only now just realized that we can apply the same thing to the love of the people around me. If I can’t expect God to do things the way I want all the time, what place do I have to put that kind of burden on another human being? If anything, I should be even more lenient, because we’re just not as good as God is.

    …and then I thought a bunch more stuff, but it gets really messy in my head sometimes, and I haven’t sorted all that stuff out yet, and now I’m getting to sleepy to type….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. here i am responding to your comment, pdizzle. and im really glad i read it through one more time. the love doesnt change. just the circumstances.
    that will make me think for a while…

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