been a while

may as well update you. my life is changing rapidly, as usual. Just like I like it. Im still in hot pursuit of an apartment… im thinking that center point west is the place we will end up. but i havent really looked at it. although my friend dan lived there before and really liked it. and on like the apartment ratings website, they have an 88% approval rating which is the highest in bensalem… and its not too expensive. ahhh. i dont know how we are going to afford furniture. i think i will end up paying for it, because out of the girls i have the most money and am making the most money. a blessing and a curse, right?

anyway, im looking in to transferring to vet tech school. theres one in jenkintown & it would take 2 years to complete. since i already have 3 semesters left, i may as well just do something that im going to want to do.  something that is in demand. and i love animals and would love to save them. I can see myself running a shelter someday.  so im excited about it.

I started training for my new job monday. I really think im going to like it. I work in a call center for people with diabetes to call in and figure out how to work their monitors. it pays 12 dollars an hour, and if youre good at it, you get an extra 100 bucks a month. Theres also a lot of mobility in the company. my trainer has only been there for a year and a half. he worked the phone for 5 months, monitored phone calls for another 5 months and is now a trainer. pretty good.

anyway, thats pretty much it for me.

im tired so im gonna rest before training starts again.


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  1. been a while.

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