“If you fall, I will catch you… I will be waiting”

I feel as though, I am definitely at a crossroads. Im not exactly sure what I am going to do… I know Im moving out, getting a second job and continuing school. But… im really miserable in my major… & I wonder if I could possibly look in to a different kind of schooling. I dont know. This whole psychology thing just doesnt feel right. I dont know if ANYTHING feels right. I mean, I feel like I should finish what I started. Do something that will get me a little bit ahead in this world…. But I dont know what that is. All I want in life is to get married, and have a family and raise my family under the Lords will. Move somewhere with some land, have some dogs, and work with the youth ministry at whatever church we end up at. But I know Im not ready for any of that yet… so what the heck am I supposed to do in the meantime? I guess … go to school? alksjdfklajsdflkj. Its frustrating for me. All I know is whatever I do, I need to put my heart in it. If I do that, and seek God first before anything… He will catch me. He will provide. He will. I love Him.


 part of me feels like im just wandering. Part of me doesnt.

ahhh i just have to make a decision.


2 Responses to ““If you fall, I will catch you… I will be waiting””

  1. Trust in the Lord, Keep your eyes on Him and all things will follow and line up to his perfect will for our life. He is a Awesome God!! We may like we are wandering but remember his word says he will not leave us or forsake us.
    God Bless You!!!

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