Decisions, Decisions…

To go to Italy, or to not go to Italy… THAT is the question.  Im looking in to getting an apartment with a few people. Im not dropping out of school or anything… not even putting school on hold. I just feel like… Im not going to understand the importance and urgency of getting an education unless im on my own, paying my own bills, with no one to depend on besides myself. For some reason, this is how I operate, and… instead of sluggishly finishing school … just skating by…. i wanna be EXCITED by what im doing. Understand the importance of it. may sound silly to some people, but as long as im under my parents roof, im not going to learn to depend on myself. i love them for everything they do for me, and i do appreciate it sooooo much. i just… need to not have that. stand on my own two feet. and i need to do it now, before i ruin myself. this weekend im going to sit them down and explain it to them. hopefully they will understand where i am coming from. ultimitely, it doesnt really matter… because the decision is about % made, and only God will be able to change my mind at this point.

of course this means i wont be able to go to Italy without a generous sponsor… which i probably wont find.

who knows? if im supposed to go, ill go. if not… i wont.

all i know, is i have a lot of prayin to do.

Anyways, i need to find a job…. and an apartment….


One Response to “Decisions, Decisions…”

  1. Why do you want to go to Italy? Are you planning on going to school there or something? I kinda feel the same way about what you were saying with going through school sluggishly, it’s not fun. I am actually really disappointed with college at the moment. Anyways I am really impressed with this blog you have. You wrote a lot of articles. I wish I had the time to work on mine. Keep in touch.

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