I know I know…

Its been so long since ive written in here!

well… youd all be glad to know that nothing has really changed. i had a child psychopathology test today… it was … ok i guess. it was a take home essay… and ended up being 7 pages long. yeah. didnt count on that one coming. the part that was in class, she waited until the END of class to give to us. after we learned all of this new material. it was frustrating, but shes so sweet its hard to resent her for it.

anyway… what else?

i believe that D and I are reinstating girls night. WHOO! wednesday nights are now going to be filled with, bagel bites, soft stix, possible top model-esque photo shoots, and… most importantly… LOST. I must say, hearing that they want to wrap it up in a few seasons or so, has rekindled my interest! I see the light at the end of the tunnel… and its wonderful.

um what else?

nothing else.

Im able to go to Italy. I have the money. strange how God provides. and awesome.


im starting my job “officially” on saturday. im like… not training anymore. im so excited. i really love the girls and… yeah.

well, thats all for now… i must print out some stuff and then hopefully by the time im done that, D will be out of class and we will be off to fingerfood heaven in no time!


2 Responses to “I know I know…”

  1. what i love is how you change your website design every two seconds! lol

  2. Hi there…. We seem to have the same love for Christ For the Nations Institute’s Worship albums. They are awesome. Glad to meet a sister in Christ… Do drop by my blog when you have the time. God Bless!!

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