“I will not be silent

I will not be quiet anymore.”

Im working on this. I have to address someone about something thats been on my heart. I hate confrontation. I hope he understands what I say… which is unlikely. Its almost like we speak two different languages sometimes. (this isnt about Mario, if some of you are wondering.)

I missed smallgroup tonight, but apparently it was because i wasnt supposed to be there for whatever reason. I went to element instead. A twenty something group in washington crossing. It was really cool. very intimate. I liked it very much, and i actually talked to people and made friends. What I would like to see happen, is for them to visit truelife and for some truelifers to go up there as well…

I really have a heart for interconnecting between ministries and reaching out to others in a more organized way. There is strength in numbers. And when you find people who have the same goal you do, you should utilize eachother and work together for that goal! There is no need to keep feeling like we are trying to do this all by ourselves, while there are people down the street feeling the same way.

One last thought. theres nothing wrong with church hopping. how else are you going to meet other people? im sick of feeling like im a freak for wanting to go to a million churches. see what is out there, who is out there, and wanting to connect with them. i want to unite the church. all denominations, all ethnicities, cultures, whatever. If you believe in Jesus, if you believe he died on the cross, and resurrected, and did all this so you can be forgiven for your sins, blameless in the sight of the Lord, If you believe the Bible is the word of God and hold yourself accountable to His word…. you belong with me. Lets go do His work. Lets go. Thats whats on my heart. Thats my vision.  & I just wish that people could, for once, understand what the heck im talking about.


One Response to ““I will not be silent”

  1. Hey sister in the Lord, I did a quick search for some lyrics today and landed on your blog — the song was “Running after you” by Christ for the Nations. So thanks! And if you don’t mind, I read some of your entries and would love to email with you and share about the Lord and the Word… if you feel led, shoot me an email and have a blessed day! Oh, and about me, I am 25, newlywed, finished school in 04, and now work full time. I am learning about marketplace ministry…

    ttyl, Jenni

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