summing up my saturday

woke up.

got in a fight with my dad.

locked myself in my room, played my guitar and sang at the top of my  lungs. for a good 6 hours.

went to dougies.

watched HOUSE. and played “clicheables” or something.

& now im tempted to go in to the basement to play some more.

my fingers are pretty much raw. i cant feel them at all. and my arms are sore.

but im feeling expressive. its like.. i either want to sing or run. and i cant run because ive been having bizarre chest pains all day which is kind of freaking me out.

*sigh. but its after midnight and i have to be up for church tomorrow. i guess ill just read.

goodnight, world.


One Response to “summing up my saturday”

  1. When nothing seems to be going right, all you can do is pray, and play the guitar!

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