It really makes my day…

when people comment on my journal, saying that my words have touched them in some kind of way. it amazes me that God uses my obsession with blogging to reach out to others!  Hes increadible.

I woke up with pink eye. boo that.

That means i cant go to training today. 😦

but it does mean that i can go to prayer night. 🙂

um yeah i have pretty much NOTHING else to say today. Im really excited about our girls group. we seem to be growing, and taking a shape so im really excited to see what Gods going to do with us. 🙂

i have the urge to play BANG. (a card game)

but no one to play with. 😦

this whole pink eye thing is really freaking annoying.


One Response to “It really makes my day…”

  1. It’s really touching to see your words about how your small group is really coming into its own.

    Your pink eye, on the other hand, I won’t be touching with a ten-foot-pole. Eww.

    Aww, you know I don’t mean it. I only tease because you’re awesome. 😛

    Get well soon!

    -Mirv aka Patrissimo aka P. Dizzle aka Funk, esq.

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