this computer

is so freaking slow i dont even know what to do with myself. Apparently my scientific writing class is taught by two grad students. we even have off thursday, so they can better prepare. normally, id be pumped about this, but all i can think about is how my parents will probably not believe that i dont have class on thursday. its crappy having to answer to someone now. boo that.

so i find it kind of funny that after my whole… “i dont want to be engaged or married yet” thing… (remember, the whole flu thing?) i stumble across a blog written by a bunch of moms who each have like 4- 10 kids. I find myself wanting a family. Dont think im stupid enough to think that i want to start this family… tomorrow. im just talking in general. when the time comes when i do get married, i want a big family. and i want to keep it big. like… for whatever reason, im not really close with my grandparents. we love eachother, but we just arent that close. My memaw and papaw, i think we would be close if we lived closer together. I blame that on distance. But, my dads mom is kind of weird. i dont mean that SHES weird, but just the situation. she lives probably 10-15 minutes away. we only see her on thanksgiving. shes fine with that. i just think thats weird. i know that if i had kids and they grew up 2 hours away, my mom and dad would be at my house on the weekends. my kids will  be close to my parents and my hubby’s parents. just because… its something ive never had and i feel like i kinda missed out a little.

goodness, i have wayyyy too much time on my hands. i dont even know what to do with it. my next class starts at 440 and is SUPPOSED to go till 710. we will see.

i kind of have a feeling about this class… but i dont want to say anything until i go. its my New Testiment Religion class. I heard the teacher was… well… ill say… “interesting” ill update about that at a later time… probably like a minute after class ends.

you wanna know whats sweet though? even though i commute, i still have all my resident parking tags so i get to park on campus. BOO YAH!

yes… i did just say BOO YAH. i hang my head in shame.


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