sorry its been a while…

but life happens, ya know?

i had a really difficult past couple of months. thank God for support from my friends. especially my golden girls. even though we havent really seen eachother much, just knowing you guys are on my side rooting for me means the absolute world to me. things are coming together now, and the Lord is helping me put myself back together again.

So whats really new?

Well I just interviewed for a resident assistant position at Pendel Mental Health Facility. Its a community non profit organization that helps adolescent girls who have been abused, and have a mental disorder. Im really excited because the woman i interviewed with said that they also have a lot of full time positions for after I get my degree. I could get a position as a case worker or something like that, dealing with children in families and things like that. I was really excited about that. this is a really good opportunity. I have an interview sometime next week with the supervisor.

i registered for classes… i only have 13 credits. i decided to take it a little easy and start off a little slow to get back in to the grove without overwhelming myself.

 Christine and I are starting a small group at church. Its for girls, believers and nonbelievers. Basically we are going to just… learn how to relate to eachother as women, and really just encourage eachother. I think that we as women go in to competition mode with eachother, and tear eachother down before we get to know eachother. Also, what we eventually want to do with this group is go to womens shelters and help out. There are so  many battered women in this area who feel as if they are worthless, and stuff ya know? we need to start being there for eachother. Whether we go in and help out with dinner, hand out blankets and clothes and stuff, or just go pray with them. We have to understand that we, Christians or not, need to start loving eachother. The Bible says that loving is not only having compassion for one another, but it is shown through our actions. We need to start showing love.

 ok. im gonna go over to Christines and start preparing for the group tonight.  


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