For the past

2 weeks or so, Ive been having these crazy dreams about the rapture. Whats driving me crazy is that I can not remember the details when I wake up. Its not like the dream I had in march, which was about that coming fourth of July… (which, was scarily accurate about what ended up happening around that time. the whole thing with North Korea shooting test missles, Aaron moving out (before we knew he got an apartment), Don going across the country and not being a part of my life anymore (this dream was had before we broke up), and me & Christine running to a church ive never been to, where God was preparing his army for the last days (this was before Christine and I even started talking about finding a church we belonged in. In fact, she didnt even think she was coming home at all this summer.)   Anyway, my point is is that God gave me a dream that was very prophetic. And I believe he is doing the same thing, becuase I know the style of dreams they are, and … they are the same.  I just wish I could remember them.


One Response to “For the past”

  1. if God wants you to remember the dreams He will help you remember. Sounds like awesome dreams you’ve been having.

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