our friendship runs so deep… :P

oreolova85: ar eyou there?
oreolova85: wow im glad i didnt just waste it then:-$
Mirv465: Hello?
oreolova85: hi
Mirv465: What’s the goodbye?
oreolova85: youre gonna LOVE IT
oreolova85: or think im a dork
oreolova85: its…
oreolova85: …………….
oreolova85: ……………………
oreolova85: cheerio, cheerio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mirv465: yes?
Mirv465: Cheerio?
oreolova85: cheerio!
oreolova85: like the cereal
Mirv465: huh?
oreolova85: ok
oreolova85: think british
Mirv465: yeah?
oreolova85: sldkfjalksdjflkasdf
oreolova85: mary poppins!
oreolova85: COME ON!

oreolova85: im probably not spelling the first one right
Mirv465: That doesn’t count.
oreolova85: what~
Mirv465: It’s the exact same word
oreolova85: WHAT!
oreolova85: adgflaksfjdlkasj
Mirv465: You didn’t change anything
oreolova85: IT MEANS DIFFERENT THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!
oreolova85: you SAY them differently!
oreolova85: IT COUNTS
oreolova85: IT COUNTS
Mirv465: No, the cereal is named after the British word
oreolova85: no
oreolova85: its not
Mirv465: yes, it is
oreolova85: its an O
oreolova85: and its cheery
oreolova85: its a cheery – O
Mirv465: It’s a pun.
oreolova85: its not
Mirv465: They named it that way, so it’s both at the same time.
Mirv465: So brilliant that the people who named Cheerios thought of it first.
oreolova85: thats dumb
oreolova85: alskjdfkjlasdfkjlasdfldlklkjdlkjdflkjsdafkjlasdf
oreolova85: asdfkjas;ldfjal;skdfjl;askdfj
oreolova85: Q@@@@@@@@@@@@@Q
Mirv465: It’s okay.
Mirv465: You’re going to come up with another one.
oreolova85: no im not
Mirv465: And it’s going to be ten times better than all the others!
oreolova85: that was the endall beall of all international goodbyes!
Mirv465: I know you can do it!
oreolova85: im so upset!
oreolova85: i cant believe that didnt pass
Mirv465: It’s okay
oreolova85: cmoooooooon, cheerio, cheerio!
Mirv465: You turned down.  Tater tata
oreolova85: thats because TATA IS NOT A REAL WORD
Mirv465: tata is real
Mirv465: I looked it up.
Mirv465: But that’s okay, because after I got burned… I came up with Tater tot ziens, which is ten times cooler.
Mirv465: You’ll come up with an awesome one, too!
oreolova85: yo. tata is not a word
Mirv465: I LOOKED IT UP!
Mirv465: sdkjlsaklsgdlhksajksadlsljdglg
oreolova85: im looking it up now!
oreolova85: tater is a word
oreolova85: tata is NOT
Mirv465: do a search on how to say goodby in different languages.  It’s there
oreolova85: =-O
oreolova85: THATS HOW YOU DID IT
Mirv465: well, yeah
oreolova85: you… cheated
Mirv465: I’m not a linguist
Mirv465: Secret inside sources
oreolova85: no
oreolova85: my cheerio should count. because at least i came up with it all by myself!
Mirv465: Maybe your brother cna help you
Mirv465: You didn’t make up Cheerio.  It was already a word.
Mirv465: And the people who named the cereal made it a food.
Mirv465: That’s just saying it twice
Mirv465: Don’t sell yourself short
oreolova85: but with two different meanings!
Mirv465: I believe in you
Mirv465: YOU CAN DO IT!
Mirv465: I gotta run.  I’m gonna go get ready to head out and study.  I’ll catch up with you guys later.
Mirv465: What time are you all meeting together?
oreolova85: i have no clue
oreolova85: around noon
oreolova85: CHEERIO, CHEERIO!!!!
Mirv465: okay.  I’ll give Mario a call around then, or call me up if I forget.
oreolova85: ok
Mirv465: Oreo voir!


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