This weekend

was good. Friday danielle and i went to dinner and chilled out. the indian food really did a toll on our stomachs, but we are ok now. saturday was open house. i had to be up at 6:30 and gave tours til 1:30. it went really well, considering it was my first open house. it was fun. after that, danielle and i made our way to new hope to visit nire who was visiting her mom for the weekend. we went to dinner, and had plans to go to a haunted house but there was an hour wait so we decided to hang around new hope instead. it was a good time.

sunday was church day. nicky cruz spoke at clc and it was such a blessing. he has a ministry called TRUCE that goes in to urban communities and presents the gospel through dancing, hip hop and other “unconventional” ways to relate to the people in those areas. i wish i could be a part of that, because that is the demographic that has really been layed on my heart for years now.  so i thought that was amazing to see. it was also awesome to hear his testimony. its increadible how the Lord worked in his life and through his life.

anyways, after that mario and i went to fairmount park… valley green. it was beautiful. we went along the trail and everything, and from the hill we were on, we saw a wedding! i wanted to stay and watch, but he didnt. haha. the brat! but, it was so special. anyway, the park looked amazing because the trees were all changing colors and everything, it was gorgeous. my favorite time of year. after that, we ate at carrabas. mmm.

then the eagles lost. i still love them though.

i talked to my parents yesterday about some of the stuff that was going on. my mom isnt mad at me anymore, and we went out coat shopping. she gave me a lot of personal insight, because she has dealt with depression and stuff in her life too.  pastor peters message last night was really something i needed to hear. it was about taking off the layers of yourself. letting people know who you truly are. letting God know who you truly are. I have such an issue with this. slowly, im letting my walls down. im becoming more comfortable talking in smallgroup (although this does vary week to week.) i know i have people who care about me, as much as i care about them. but i dont want them to worry about me. i don twant to feel as if im a burden to them. as much as people say they want to help you and want to care for you, i do feel as if you can tire a person out. and i dont want to be the person who tires someone else out.

i dont know what i mean.

 but ive decided to start reading about davids life. ive never really read it for myself. i think i could learn a lot. he was after God’s heart, messed up, was sad and lonely and depressed, but pulled through.

alright im also going to start running again. i know it makes me feel better… neurogically it releases endorphines which makes you happy.

goodness gracious iv ebeen typing for a while so im going to stop.

have a blessed day!


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