maybe a real update…?

so ive been officially diagnosed with seasonal affective disorder. (which is seasonal depression)

I think the Lord is using this to tell me which route to take career wise. When the lady told me she wanted to start light therapy (because the theory is, is that the decrease of light in the winter causes depression in some people)… i laughed. not because i dont think it will work, but because it just sounded so ridiculous.

For those who dont know, I have been really struggling with psychology as my major. Because as time goes on, I cant say I agree with a lot of it. Psychology and Christianity really clash at some points, and of course I choose to believe what I know, rather than what other people say. Bottom line: I really feel that He used this to show me that there is a way I can finish up my degree in psychology, without taking bogus theory courses…. which is to focus on the neurological aspect of psychology. focusing in on the brain and how different structures and lesions affect emotions. Its much more solid, in my opinion. Hopefully everything will work out with my classes and everything thats going on.

Don emailed me and asked my why I never email him or keep in touch or anything. I basically freaked out on him. I feel kind of bad about it now… but honestly. what right does he have to get mad at me for moving on with my life? Jeez.

Rosi and Polito asked me to sing a duet with Isaac for their wedding. I said yes. Rosi asked me if I was sure I wouldnt be too nervous… but I think that as long im singing with someone, Im fine. Or maybe that just works when I sing with Nire. I guess we will see! : /

Anyways, small group was good last night. I think its awesome that we are opening up to eachother more and more every week. We have a lot of good ideas, and I think we are all on the same page, and have a common goal. The Lord has truely blessed me. I love them.

Tomorrow im hangin out with danielle and nire! i feel like its been forever. i think we are going to dinner and some kind of haunted house or something like that. its been entirely too long since the three of us hung out together.. so im pretty pumped about that!! 🙂

Im really really excited about Christmas. I havent been this excited this soon since I was a little kid… and back then it was only because I wanted toys or something. I dont want anything this Christmas… I want to give so much. I want to form a carolling group and go carolling. yes. carolling. people never do it anymore!!

Lets see… what else??

Mario and I are doing quite well. I love him. Its so different. God is good.

Other than that? Girls night this week was interesting. We watched Lost as usual, and then went out and bought “the break up”, a bridal magazine and wendys. It was fun.

ok well, i think ive run out of things to talk about.

bye yall!


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