You love it when I update.

Brent called me today and asked if I would share something with my smallgroup tomorrow. I always get kind of nervous. I love my smallgroup, but its hard for me to talk to people about personal things. I dont really know what Im going to talk about, but I just have to think of something that I learned or dealt with this week. or something.

In other news, LOST comes on tonight and I am totally stoked. I kind of forget what happened in the finale last season though, becuase I was sooooooo disappointed. All I remember is a really loud noise, and “the others” taking jack kate and sawyer. and i think they let michael and walt go home? i dont really remember.

I spent 100 bucks at target. How ridiculous is that? I went for shampoo, conditioner, and softsticks for tonight. i bought a purse and wallet (things I really needed) and sweatpants (which I didnt need) ahhhh. well, at least i have it to spend, right?

So Im kind of really tired of doing this entire part of my life. The school part. Im soooooo sick of it. alksdfjlkasjdflkjsdfiweirfwioeioweiuoweiouwe. Ive lost ALL motivation, and am afraid I have dug myself quite a hole. ahh well, theres really nothing I can do about it now, right? Im stupid though. Im so sick of doing this. Im sick of feeling this way. At least things are better with me and D. We got our aggression out last week, and now were fine.

Anyway, Im reading an amazing book called “Jesus Freeks: Martyrs” Its a collection of accounts of different people who were persecuted and executed because of their faith. Each of these stories make me cry, but thats not what I love about it. It really makes me think, if I was in the same situation as these people, most of whom are given the option to either recant the name of Jesus and be freed, or be tortured and executed for their faith…. what would I do? would I be strong enough to die for my faith, just as these people? Would I love and pray for those who were torturing me? You know, its amazing the amount of freedom we have in this country. And its easy to take it for granted. Im so thankful to live in a country where you can believe whatever you want to believe without being persecuted.  

ok so top model comes on in a few minutes… I dont know if I love this season or not. I mean, monique is mean! she spent 3 hours on the phone. everyone is gaga over anchal, which kinda makes me like her less. I kind of like Caridee… shes weird looking… but I like her. I dont like eugena either… she doesnt take good pictures.

Yeah so um other than that, Danielle is back and we are going to make pretzelfils. or something. in the microwave. yay!


2 Responses to “You love it when I update.”

  1. Christina Says:

    Can i borrow that book when you are done????

  2. yeah absolutely! Its awesome, youll love it.

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