I cant seem to get my head together. I feel a little bit scatter-brained. But its the weekend, which means a whole lot of Jesus. I find myself fighting during the week, just to get to the weekend. Its like im holding my breath, and when thursday night comes around, I can finally let it all out. I need to learn how to not do this anymore. lol. That sounds so easy, but … obviousely Im having a little trouble.

I picked up “A Purpose Driven Life” the other day during my shopping spree. What was weird was that I wanted someone to read it with, and I asked patrick if he had read it. He just picked it up a week or two ago, and was also looking for someone to go through it with. How awesome! I also want to pick up a few of the martyr books. the stories in there are absolutely increadible, and make me wonder if I have the same measure of faith those people had.

I think so.


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