“The more I seek you”

This is easily one of my favorite songs right now.

Tonight is prayer night at true life. I love it. What I also love, is that I can request songs for Mario to sing. The perks of dating the worship leader… ūüėČ

No seriously, I care about him a lot. It just. feels right. It’s not difficult, it’s not comprimising, it’s not me trying to be something that¬†im not. Its easy to talk to him about anything and everything. We have the same general goal, for our lives to glorify God above everything else. In I Timothy it says to “love from a pure heart, a clear conscience and from sincere faith.”¬†That is a love I have never experienced with another person. Ive never met someone who was spiritually “on board” with me, or even understood where I was¬†coming from, and where I wanted to go. Thats why¬†Don and I would have never worked.

Not because he was flirting around with other girls, or that he¬†treated me like a 5 year old child. (granted, these¬†things had a BIG hand in¬†why we broke up and stayed broken¬†up) but he would fight with me about Jesus.¬†Now, I dont mean asking genuine questions, or even sparking a small debate. He was belittling me and my faith, and thats just something I dont deal with very well. I dont¬†belittle people who dont believe the same things I do, so why do you do the same to me? Granted, the Bible does say that “all who desire to live godly in Jesus Christ will suffer persecution.”

Anyway, where was I going with this? oh yes. Mario. I will keep praying about us, make sure this is what God wants us to do… but Ive been praying since I met him… so Im pretty sure of what God is trying to tell me.¬†He¬†lead¬†me to a verse in¬†II Timothy that says “pursue righteousness, faith, love, peace with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart.”

thats pretty clear, huh?


One Response to ““The more I seek you””

  1. So, all you have to do is date the worship leader to get song requests, huh?

    Nope, not worth it. Would it be okay if I just used you as the “middle man”?

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