I dont know how

It worked out this way, but I only have one class! at 4:40. I straightened my hair today, and now i have a massive hand cramp. the good thing is, is that i dont have to worry about my hair for a few days, although im sure Bwing now smells of burnt hair. sorry girls, but what else do you want me to do when my classes have been cancelled? 😉

well tonight is my awesome psych class, which is about positive thinking, and paying attention to positive attributes a person has. Its so uplifting!

anyway, thats all for now! after class im heading home for my church smallgroup! i feel like i havent seen them in so long, because i couldnt go last week. 😦  i love them.

the other day, joe corbett came up to me and initially asked about donnie. we were talkin for a few minutes, and then he goes ” so why dont i see you around much anymore? you should come out of your room” and i was like… “mm im busy, a lot of schoolwork” the normal bs you give someone when they ask you that. and he goes… ” well, i dont blame you, all of your friends are gone.”  he SAID that to me. and the thing is, is that he wasnt wrong. it hurt my feelings a little that he put it in those words, but he wasnt trying to be hurtful. he was TRYING to be sympathetic… but did a very bad job. its alright though, just kinda made me feel more lonley.

in other news, I have decided to let my guard down. Go for it. What do I have to lose?


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