So I really like main campus a lot! not the campus, but the classes there are much better, in my opinion. Im thinking of scheduling most of my classes there next semester too, so that i dont have to spend an two hours on the shuttle for a 90 minute class…

 Everyones askin me about donnie, lately. He called me actually and left me a lenghty voicemail about how well hes doin and how much he loves the AF. Im really happy for him. Im glad hes doing something he really wants to do, but I dont doubt that one day hes gonna kick himself for not finishing school first. That was a dumb move. But its alright i guess, not my concern anymore.

Well that was a super quickie update, but I have to go to work in west hall, then hop on the shuttle and then sit through my research class. maybe ill go to the gym today? maybe ill straighten my hair??


i hope i get my refund check soon!!! i cant wait to go shopping!!! 🙂


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